New beginnings, old beginnings, half beginnings, oh my!…

french-gel-nail-designs1There’s nothing sweeter than returning to the blogging world with white tipped fingernails on… let’s just say Doctorette Interrupted’s very own has grown up! She has decided to revamp her image, live a little more comfortably and confidently…all while being a photogenic minimalist. It’s been a little more than a month since my last blog post and I have a lot to say… (too bad these fingernails will prevent me from wanting to say MUCH…). Since my expectedly unexpected hiatus, I have done several activities, received several accolades, and grew professionally. There’s only up from here and let me share with you my top 5!

5. Enhanced Professional Image

4. New auntie

3. The correlation between myself, Frozen, and Scandal (from a professional standpoint)

2. Weight loss or something like it

1. Sorority girl

tumblr_lky0gazZt81qbex7lo1_500Doctorette Interrupted has been revamped… and I just thought about it. I will be blogging 5 Days a Week… something motivational, something I have learned, or something I wish to accomplish as I prepare for my doctoral studies in Higher Education. The posts will not be extremely log, but they will be work-related confessions or experiences I only wish to share with you all (look at the half smile to the left…).

Truth be told, I do not know what direction I would like to take with this blog…  I know I want it but I am not really in the process of applying for my doctorate as quickly. I have semi-decided to return to school to earn a graduate certification or another masters degree, specializing in Higher Education of course. I am eager to apply to nationally recognized online programs because I love my job too much to leave it just yet. I really really like it here… I can say I love it working at Columbia College and it is soooo true. Everyone here has played a role in building my professional image and my professional confidence… you all would be surprised at how far I have come in less than a year. The transition from student to professional is truly eye-catching and hard… if you have low-confidence.

Like I stated above, these nails are making my life even more difficult than it was a year ago… until next time readers… I will explain the top five at a later date..



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